We-FULLTON MACHINERY GROUP, as the professional manufacturer of Vertical lathe and Horizontal Boring machine, has reference customers in over 30 countries. With the developing of the business year by year, we found some customer's machining jobs just in very few quantity and not everyone has the enough budget for the new machines, especially for the vertical lathe with C axis. Therefore we establish FULLTON ENGINEERING CO., LTD and start to offer the machining service for such kind of customers. As the manufacturer of Vertical lathe & Horizontal boring machine with thousands of customers in the different industry fields, we have considerable experience on how to use our machine.

FULLTON MACHINERY GROUP staff and management alikely pursue a single goal - a total focus on quality in every aspect of manufacture, customer service and on time delivery. We believe in continuous improvement and always working at being the engineering and technological leader in our industries. Our individual skills and experience are what underlies our reputation as a totally self-contained engineering company with all resources "under one roof".

The machining capacity we can offer:
Vertical lathe with C axis for drilling & milling: Swing diameter from 1000mm to 10000mm

Wanting our new machines, please turn to website: www.fulltontech.com
Requiring machining service from us: Please stay as: www.fulltonengineering.com
Application in following fields
Wanting our new machines,please turn to website: www.FULLTONTECH.com
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